C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_20968642_133253760623669_4251482899611648000_n-480x305Blog For All Kinds of Business:Travels,shopping,Digital marketing,Affiliate marketing,Sports,Informations,Business,Event placement,Entertainment News,Inspiration,Health Tips,Etc. for Event Placement on Text or call-2348133727444 Or 07061005241.Email address:danieliniobong@yahoo.com.Established this Blog 27 September 2016@rally Academy Host By Mr. Michael Akinwale. Find Cheap flights ONLINE-click here…..TRAVELSTART NIGERIA!!

By Submitting your Full legal Details here,you are agree with the Terms and conditions of this site..Marketing:1Introduction.2.Strategic planning.3.Marketing Research.4.The marketing Environment.5.Ethnic and Social Responsibility.6.consumer Decision marketing.7.Business Marketing.8.Segmenting &Targeting markets.9.Product Decisions.10.Distribution Decisions.11.Product and Communication Strategies.12.pricing Decisions.13.Services Marketing.14.Global Marketing.15.Disclaimer..

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