39,530 free VP awarded in latest Spin & Win

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spin-and-win-2Did you miss out on the most recent Spin & Win contest, held between August 14, 2017 through August 16, 2017? Affiliates who spotted the Spin & Win notice–announced in the weekly SFI Affiliate Newsletter, mailed out Monday, August 14–and who entered the free contest grabbed 39,530 free VP!

Yet, that number is only a tiny fraction of the total amount of free VP we set aside for each Spin & Win contest!Don’t miss out on these easy VersaPoints and the earning benefits that come with them. Be on the lookout for Spin & Win alerts in our newsletters–and make sure everyone in your downline is looking for them as well. Readers are leaders!

Here’s how Spin & Win works:

At least once every month–and up to three times every month–we include a blurb in our newsletters announcing that a new Spin & Win contest is underway.  NOTE:

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Dev chat summary – August 15th 2017

Develop WooCommerce

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from August 15th (agenda, Slack archive).

WooCommerce 3.2 update:

  • Last thing to work on is the Webhooks CRUD
  • The discounts/coupon API work is merged into master. Dev blog post coming this week.
  • Asked developers to check against master coupons for compatibility due to the refactors.
  • Asked for more feedback (user feedback) on SelectWoo which is also in master.

Roadmap update:

  • Still looking at tools. Likely going with Trello for the public roadmap.
  • The setup should be columns for each quarter, card per item, with user-friendly, non-dev speak descriptions.
  • vs Github, Github is dev-speak. And github is for the technical implementation details. Roadmap is user facing/high level.

Separate payments from orders:

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From Soldier to Beauty Sensation: Ashley Rosales’s Journey From Army Mechanic to Instagram Makeup Tutorial Star — PEOPLE.com

Ashley Rosales wasn’t a natural-born makeup artist. “I was about 15 when my parents let me start wearing makeup. I wasn’t great at it,” the beauty blogger says in the current issue of PEOPLE. But by age 18, the Cincinnati native had fallen in love with the art of cosmetics, though she chose a different…

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Health and you…..



WP_20170806_001COCONUT BENEFITS IN HUMAN HEALTHCoconut is anti-bacterial in Nature

1.The coconut oil when extracted and applied externally,it’s is a good treatment for chronic infection of the skin.

2.Cholera control:-The coconut water is anti-Bacterial in nature,when taken it expels cholera germs from the intestine,it also replenishes the water and salt loss during cholera attack.

3.Hair treatment:-The oil extracted from coconut is used in the treatment of hair loss.

4.Frequent consumption of coconut enhances the immune system.Both the coconut and it’s water is an ideal diets for HIV Patient.One to two coconuts per week will help boost the immune system.

5.MALERIA PREVENTION & TREATMENT:-Carefully break coconuts,get the water in a clean glass cup,cut 2 or 3 lime orange 🍊 squeeze the liquid in the same cup drink before going to bed do that for like 1 or 2 weeks,you will discover that in the next 4-5 months you will not experience any symptoms of malaria..

Do you know that chewing the back of water melon 🍈 and groundnut can also help to prevent malaria and TYPHOID.


IF you eat food that is poisoned immediately drink coconut water,it neutralizes the poison but if you want to vomit the poison get 7 seeds of BITTER KOLA grind it and add equal amount of milk and honey and drink it.in the next few minutes you vomit the whole poison.


Is an Infectious disease that typically attack the lungs,however it could affect other parts of the body.Lt is caused by a bacteria called MYCOBACTERIUM Tuberculosis.Do you know that coconut can take care of tuberculosis effectively?


The common symptoms of tuberculosis are;Fever,Tiredness,loss of weight,Loss of appetite,Difficulty in breathing,chest pain,Cough.



preparation:Grind coconut and mix with Honey.

DOSAGE:TAKE 1 spoon,2Times daily for 30 days.