How do you determine the quality of an items you purchase from Market?If its a phone,the reference point may be the source or the MANUFACTURER,the make,APPEARANCE,FEATURES,FUNCTIONS,the next thing it’s weight,also Shop Location,etc….


Do we do the same character of check when it comes to our relationship?How do we know He/She is a good Person?

I Listened to one man question saying,& I quote,your wife is not SOPHISTICATED as compared to the kind of man you are.

It Sounded so Funny; I laughed about it I never responded;…

See many people doesn’t know what marriage is all about!Marriage is a union in Between the two parties coming to an agreement.

Marriage is a serious Business;it such a bold step for someone to make a decision on one person out of 7Million people in The world…

Iam taking the opportunity to enlighten Single-Friends men&women out there on the Quality of a lifetime Partner…

Go for someone who accepts you as a gift 🎁,who actually compliments your life in a way that makes it better than being single,someone who knows God as the Creator,

For”Every good and perfect gift 🎁 is from above,coming down from the father of the heavenly lights,who does not change like shifting shadows”Read James 1:17 NIV.

Go someone who love ❤ you,someone who is willing to share their whole life with you,for such person won’t have to change you into who are not..

Don’t look for a partner to solve your problems,Find a partner that won’t let you go through them alone…

Don’t fall for feelings or emotions;that is not enough to sustain in marriage 💑.Go for Friendship;marry a Best friend for it takes such person to make you smile when you already have tears in your eyes..

Don’t go for looks;that also fades.Remember whatever you love ❤ will be attracted to you,if you love ❤ God,You will be attracted to a partner who loves God but if you love ❤ Butts,Breast,height,Muscles,or other external,you will be attracted to that.

Be attracted to the fruits of a person and not their looks.So many people get Trapped into how a man or woman looks instead of how He/She lives,& who they live for!!!…….

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