Manhattan Students Come Together to Help Puerto Rico, Launching #DoItForPR Campaign for Relief

The Quadrangle

After the devastation and destruction in Puerto Rico left by Hurricane Maria, help and donations have come pouring into the island, which has been without water and electricity since the end of September. One group on the Manhattan College campus has been a key factor in collecting monetary and supply donations, aptly calling themselves โ€œDo It for Puerto Rico.โ€

As reported in The Quadrangle in the story โ€œMC Reflects on Hurricane Maria,โ€ there was a group of students planning relief efforts soon after the hurricane ruined the island in the Caribbean. This group has since made their name known on campus.

Hurricane Maria has left all of the islandโ€™s inhabitants without water, electricity and means of communication to family members. It was one of the worst hurricanes in recent history to hit the island.


โ€œThe second worst one was like in the [1920s]. Like our great-grandparents remember it, not evenโ€ฆ

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