#1978 – A Couple of News From Sint Maarten

A Little Piece of Zilko's Life


In the last three months or so, there have been two big-ish news coming from Sint Maarten. Not good news though, unfortunately. Not too long a go, a woman was killed by the jet blast of an airplane taking off from runway 10 of Princess Juliana International Airport. And several weeks later, a beach goer threw a ball to a plane that was on final approach to the airport. β€œFortunately”, the ball missed the plane so a potentially catastrophic accident was avoided.

As an avgeek, obviously Sint Maarten, by default, becomes one of my most favorite places in the entire planet. I am fortunate enough that I have been there last year and the full stories of my trip can be found in the following series:
1. Introduction
2. Part I: Getting to Sint Maarten
3. Part II: Sint Maarten
4. Part III: The Maho Beach
5. Part IV:…

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