Shoutout to this guy for the great review even though he thinks I own a restaurant

Thoughts From a Twin Bed

So far, today has been sub-par. I’ve been in the library since like 7 am studying for this stupid final, and my head hurts, which is probably directly correlated to the shocking amount of MD 2020 I drank this weekend. Whatever. I live a life without regrets. Anyway, it looks like my guardian angel decided to brighten my day, and threw a little gift my way: a nice review for my site on Facebook.

tfatb review

Say what you want, but a five star review is a five star review. So what that he thinks that my website consisting of me spewing my deepest thoughts is an above average restaurant? I’ll take anything I can. Fake it til you make it.

Honestly, the review is pretty on par with the site, if I’m being honest. Is the service great? Not exactly. I still don’t know how to use WordPress, and my site…

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