Building this Blog is To bring in a large number of Audience Globally Together… Event-placement,News,Travel and Tour,Entertainment,Lifestyl,Fashion,Beauty,inspiration,Affiliate marketing,Advertisings,Family Issues and Advice,

A very Big Thanks To my Mentor!Mr. Michael Akinwale who is introduced me to the internet…

This Blog is to Be and Engaged Relationship between Me and the entire Audience within and Around the Global world.

:My blog is Absolutely open for any Kind of Business,organization,individuals,industries and Company….

For Placement and More! PLEASE contact OWNER:08133727444 OR 07061005241 Email


Trans Amadi Industrial layout,Okika LGA…

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  1. All Glory,Be unto my God,4him alone assisting me to Build my own website.congratulation to WORDPRESS am very greatful to passed through wordpress &am; beable to Creat my own website,up!up!up! To WORDPRESS….and my thanks goes to Mr Micheal Akinwale 4rm Forex Academy whose introducing me to etc.

    So So greatful in. My Heart!(A.K.A.HUMBLE LYON)


  2. Who is Jesus Christ?I know him very well!then who is he?
    In history l know that,he is the Beginning and End.
    In Government:
    He said that he shall be called wonderful counselor,prince of peace;

    In Religion;
    He said no one comes to the father except through him,
    So, who is He?He is JESUS!the greatest Man in history.Jesus had no Servant’s yet they called him master.
    Had no degree,yet they called him teacher;had no medecines,yet they called him the great Healer.
    It is true that,Christ didn’t had Army,yet kings feared him.He won military battles,but he conquered the whole world.
    Jesus did not commited any crime,yet the Jews,they crucified him on the cross,he was buried in a tomb,yet He still lives again today oh what a wonderful & mercyful God,me & you we served?I Respect & Honored to worship such a great & mighty leader who love,caring about the entire world…..
    Christ Jesus means alots to me!
    Let’s look at the miracle he did in Chemistry;
    ” In CHEMISTRY”he turned water into wine in Gallilie on the wedding ceremony,can you do it?the answer is no,that’s is to say Jesus was peculia from the Heavenly father.
    Look it again in another angle
    In BIOLOGY;Jesus Christ was borned,without going through normal conception.

    IN PHYSICS;he disapproved the law of GRAVITY when he ascended into Heaven;

    Looking at another cornner;
    He disapproved the LAW of diminishing return by feeding five thousand (5,000)men with two fishes and five loaves of Bread…..that is to say his miracle was great and mighty than ever…halleluja him who save the whole world & entire Nations…
    Author,James INIOBONG’SBLOG


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