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  dggghh Don’t miss our special Friday sale at Pricebenders! Every auction at Pricebenders starting on Friday, December 23rd, will be a Winner Bids Free auction! That means that no matter how many bids you place to win, you’ll get the item you won AND you’ll get all your bids back! Enjoy! For the complete … Continue reading Winner Bids FREE! All day Friday! — SFI News

Friday Travels

Biblical Beginnings

Today, beloved brethren, we are driving the last 400 miles of our trip to the next assignment. As most of you know my husband is a traveling Respiratory Therapist, so we go where the hospitals need us. Each assignment can last anywhere from 8 weeks to 9 months. This time we’re heading to Colorado! It’s been a while since we’ve been in the mountains, although the badlands of North Dakota provided an excellent replacement.

This blog was never intended to be my outlet for the blessed life I live. However, every now and then I like to take a moment to invite you into closer fellowship with my family. When we are on the silent two lane highway I get to spend more time reading each of your blogs, and learning from the wisdom and knowledge you all have to offer. Every part of the busy life we live stops…

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TripleClicks Milestone: 400,000 Facebook fans! — PRAYER IS MY CONNECTION TO GOD (KEY 🔑)we

Originally posted on SFI News: Woo-hoo! recently welcomed its 400,000th fan on its Facebook page. If you haven’t already “liked” us on Facebook, please do it now, and help us reach our goal of 500,000 fans. Like us (become a fan) by clicking the “Like” button on your Affiliate Center To-Do List. You’ll also… via … Continue reading TripleClicks Milestone: 400,000 Facebook fans! — PRAYER IS MY CONNECTION TO GOD (KEY 🔑)we

North by Northwest — Blog Feed 500 Days Of Film Reviews Hitchcock Classic, North by Northwest, Starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint And James Mason Manhattan advertising executive, Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant), is plunged into a dangerous world of spies and counterspies after he is mistaken for a mysterious man called George Kaplan. Abducted, framed for murder and on the run… … Continue reading North by Northwest — Blog Feed


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Friends 4 Ever: Five Stories About Friendship


Inspired by this week’s Longreads Member Pick (“Friendship is Complicated,” by Maria Bustillos), this week’s Reading List is about the joy, power and struggles of friendship.

1. “The Genius of Taylor Swift’s Girlfriend Collection.” (Anne Helen Petersen, BuzzFeed Ideas, January 2015)

From holidaying in Hawaii with Haim to baking cookies with Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift has amassed a powerful coterie of friends. While I don’t necessarily agree with Petersen’s conclusion in this essay, I appreciate her sharp insight into the world of brand maintenance, female friendship and celebrity status.

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Multi-Level Marketing’s Feminine Mystique: A Reading List


The commodification of female friendship began in the living room, often with a small party or a conversation between neighbors. Then the goods came out: cosmetics, vitamins, jewelry. The multi-level marketing scheme was a suburban phenomenon, a way for homemakers to earn some money among friends. In the 1960s and 70s, Mary Kay, the pink-hued cosmetics company, dominated the market; in the 1980s, it was the Pampered Chef, with its kitchen tools and cookbooks; in the 2010s it’s LuLaRoe, a clothing company with coveted patterned leggings that are sold primarily through social media.

Today, multi-level marketing is booming online, with entire transactions taking place in the comments sections of Facebook posts, and aspiring entrepreneurs dispensing tips on YouTube about unloading their inventory. The products may vary, but the tactics don’t. Products are displayed, promises made. And whether a woman calls herself a consultant, a retailer, a partner, or distributor, there’s…

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