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Don’t miss our special Friday sale at Pricebenders! Every auction at Pricebenders starting on Friday, December 23rd, will be a Winner Bids Free auction! That means that no matter how many bids you place to win, you’ll get the item you won AND you’ll get all your bids back! Enjoy! For the complete line-up of available auctions, go to: And don’t forget that […]

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How much Local Literature Do You Read?

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#BuySingLit : A Singaporean Reading Initiative

As a voracious reader and a hard-working writer, I dream of a world where reading is promoted and writers find support. In Singapore, the country I call home, it does not look like an improbable dream, with initiatives like #BuySingLit.

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From Feb 24 to 26 2017, Singapore will host #BuySingLit, the first-ever industry-led, nationwide initiative to promote the reading and purchase of Singapore literature, affectionately known as SingLit. Organized by more than 30 partners from the Singapore book industry, including publishers, distributors, booksellers and non-profits, the #BuySingLit initiative hopes to encourage more Singaporeans and Singapore residents to ‘Buy Local, Read Our World’.

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In the small town I was raised in we had a public swimming pool. We also had certain neighbors who could afford a large trampoline and they would let the neighborhood kids come and jump on it. In dedication to the neighborhood trampoline I’m pleased to present a virtual neighborhood trampoline. All bloggers are welcome […]

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The Best Instagram Hashtags for Travel Photos — One Chel of an Adventure

Everyone knows getting noticed on social media is pretty important to growing your travel blog. There is an overwhelming amount of hashtags and accounts that feature pictures out there and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Currently, I have an ever-growing list on a sticky note on my desktop, and its a pain […]

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